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If you take a moment, you can still smell the flowers and a hint of chocolate as the Valentine’s Day holiday winds down. While the love is palpable, many shippers and 3PLs aren’t experiencing the same warm and fuzzy feelings with the current state of the supply chain and some are desperately seeking a solution.

We all know shipping is challenging right now, and many experts are predicting things may get worse before they get better. With inflation on the rise, capacity constraints, and labor shortages, shippers and 3PLs need an adaptable solution to mitigate any challenges that come their way. The best answer? Implementing a digital strategy with a technology partner that excels at innovation and gives you the warm and fuzzies you’re looking for when it comes to the right technology solution for your business.

For shippers and 3PLs seeking a measured approach to cost-effective and efficient shipping, visibility into the supply chain is crucial. The right technology solution can provide an enhanced view into your shipments while collecting all the data you need to make better decisions as disruptions continue to arise.

Final Mile Efficiencies

Although it can be the most time-consuming phase in your freight’s journey, your customers have become accustomed to services that offer same-day and 2-day delivery timeframes. A final mile solution that accounts for those individual customer expectations will be the key to your success. You need to be adaptable, have an efficient solution to meet customer timeframes, and have the ability to offer real-time tracking for your customers. A flexible technology solution like LIVE Connect™, from Banyan Technology, provides real-time updates and enhanced visibility into your final mile shipments. Now that’s a trend you’ll want to embrace.

Business Intelligence Tools

By having access to data about every aspect of the shipping process, from booking to delivery, all in one place, you will have increased knowledge to better make freight management decisions in the future. LIVE Connect’s real-time access to your shipment data gives you an overall view of shipments and data. Our soon-to-be-released Business Intelligence Dashboard offers visibility and real-time status updates on carrier performance, carrier cost analysis and a full executive overview of your shipments in one solution.

Multi-Mode Capabilities

It is often necessary for you to utilize different shipping modes to cost-effectively meet your customer’s needs. Each shipping mode -- truckload (TL), less-than-truckload (LTL), parcel, and final mile – brings with it different processes and challenges, often requiring the use of different systems or solutions to tender a shipment, making it a potentially inefficient and expensive process. Banyan’s Multi-Mode On-Screen enhancement being released this year will allow you to book loads for all modes on one screen. With more carrier connections than any other technology solution in the industry, you will have the ability to choose the best rate, best carrier, and now, even the best mode for your shipments all in LIVE Connect.

Did You Know?

Banyan Technology is more than just a less-than-truckload freight pricing provider. We also have innovative solutions that can connect you to the largest list of carriers in truckload, final mile, and parcel, as well. Find out more about all of the features in LIVE Connect that will help you manage your freight to positively impact your bottom line.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how our automated LIVE Connect technology solution has all of the tools you'll love.

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