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Increased transparency throughout the supply chain is essential for all modes of shipping, but it is particularly critical in final mile. Customers want more insight into the shipping process to track where their shipments are and when they will arrive at their doorsteps.

The best way to achieve higher levels of transparency is through data. Technology helps provide information to shippers and 3PLs so they can effectively manage their customers’ final mile shipments. However, not all technology providers have the same features and functionality, so you need to know what to look for in an effective final mile solution to meet your needs. We’ve compiled the top 5 features your final mile technology solution needs to include:

  1. Automation – An effective technology solution enables the automation of many manual processes within the final mile shipping process. For tasks such as requesting rates or tracking shipments, automated technology can create operational efficiencies and eliminate manual methods that may lead to human error.

  2. Flexibility – Final mile shipping can be complex. It is important for you to partner with a technology provider who not only provides the right level of expertise, but one that listens to your needs and continues to adapt to fluctuations in final mile shipping. This agility helps you create greater efficiencies in your organization and gives you the ability to easily adjust when disruptions arise.

  3. Cost Savings -- Frequent changes in final mile shipping can impact your profitability with unscheduled and unaccounted for changes in rates, routes, or carrier availability. An effective technology solution will help you navigate those changes and protect your profitability by offering real-time pricing, data, and analytics to help you adjust to changes in the final mile environment.

  4. Increased Visibility – A technology solution is the key to visibility in final mile shipping because it can help you improve delivery times, respond quickly to issues, and satisfy customer demands. Technology can also help you make more informed business decisions based on real-time data, ensuring your final mile shipping operations run smoothly.

  5. Excellent Customer Service & Support – Your technology provider needs to commit to ongoing collaboration with you as your needs evolve and change, not just for final mile, but in all shipping modes. You need a partner that will provide you with consistent communication, innovation, and support you need to ensure your success.

Did You Know?

Banyan Technology is more than just a less-than-truckload freight pricing provider. We also have innovative solutions that can connect you to the largest list of carriers in truckload, final mile, and parcel, as well. In fact, we are releasing a final mile solution in the first half of 2022! Banyan’s Final Mile feature lets you book final mile loads, enables real-time changes to final mile shipments, and provides complete visibility to any delivery delays, exceptions, or missed appointments. This solution also accounts for the commonality of last-minute changes and individual customer expectations, providing the flexibility required to meet their shipping needs.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how our automated LIVE™ Connect technology solution can help you better manage your final mile shipping needs.

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