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Disruptions to the supply chain aren’t new, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, shippers and 3PLs have had to adjust their operations to accommodate frequent changes. The most-recent issue to impact shipping, specifically for over-the-road (OTR) transport, is the “Freedom Convoy” protest in Canada. In addition to capacity issues, rate increases, and shipping delays, the blockade, created in protest of vaccine mandates and restrictions, has proven to be another hurdle for 3PLs and shippers in providing timely deliveries for OTR shipping in the U.S.

Blockade Adds to Supply Chain Disruptions

Shutting down Canada’s capital city of Ottawa and other main routes between the U.S. and Canada, the convoy has affected the accessibility of a variety of products in the U.S. causing prices to rise. Traffic on the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the U.S., for example, accounts for a quarter of all cross-border trade or $360 million per day, according to Reuters. With that route blocked by the convoy, transport of those products has been halted.

How to Remain Prepared

The influx of constraints and disruptions in the supply chain have left shippers and 3PLs scrambling to find ways to remain agile and minimize the impact of these issues on their shipping operations. Visibility is critical when managing disruptions. The ability to remain agile and pivot, when necessary, will help shippers and 3PLs navigate the challenges they face when disruptions occur.

The most effective way to increase visibility begins with an adaptable technology solution. To successfully manage supply chain issues, implement a digital strategy with a provider who offers real-time connectivity, multi-mode capabilities, enhanced shipment tracking, data capture for business intelligence, and shipping exception management tools to ensure full visibility into shipments during disruptions.

Real-Time Connectivity: Immediate access to updated shipment information is key to ensuring immediate action when issues arise.

Multi-Mode Capabilities: A solution with multi-mode capabilities can determine the best method (less-than-truckload, truckload, parcel, or final mile) for OTR shipments during disruptions.

Shipment Tracking: Real-time updates and notifications provide enhanced visibility into shipments.

Business Intelligence: Digital data capture drives actionable intelligence and empowers companies to realize savings and efficiencies.

Exception Management: Easily identify missed or delayed shipments due to constraints in order to reschedule or adjust delivery expectations.

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