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Shippers and 3PLs must remain agile to adjust for fluctuations in the supply chain. The ever-changing shipping environment continues to experience significant disruptions affecting shipping in the U.S. with no end to the constraints and issues in sight. To remain competitive and profitable, you need a solid freight exception management plan and technology solution to help you work through current and future issues in the supply chain.

Solutions to Help You Remain Agile

Technology can be automated to provide enhanced visibility and efficiency for increased exception management to help combat the constant fluctuations and lags in the supply chain. The right solution can be more cost effective than manual methods of managing exceptions for the shipments themselves or invoicing and accounting. Additionally, a solution that offers real-time rating and scheduling can eliminate costly errors and the need for third-party assistance freeing up your employees and finances to address more profitable tasks.

Exception management means being prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions and effectively manage unforeseen events. Making exception management a priority will improve operational efficiency. With a digital solution in place, the benefits you can experience include:

  • Automation: Implement an automated technology solution to identify exceptions and increase efficiency
  • Proven Process: Create a process for handling exceptions that may include manual review and resolution, but relies heavily on technology
  • Data Analysis: Leverage data to understand why exceptions occur and how to prevent them to ensure your bottom line isn’t negatively impacted
  • Integration: Choose a freight technology that can integrate with your existing systems to transfer real-time, accurate data
  • Innovation: Ensure your technology provider has innovative tools to help you grow and manage exceptions

Exception management is an area where an effective technology solution can help in increasing efficiency and reduce costs by easily identifying missed or delayed shipments due to constraints. A digital solution will help you remain agile and tactical in your shipping operations.

Did You Know?

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