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Find value in your supply chain and augment efficiency without dramatically increasing costs. Multi-mode technology solutions for over-the-road (OTR) shipping provided by a partner with integrated capabilities helps deliver a better understanding of multi-mode logistics, how they work, and the ability to evaluate which shipping methods work best.

Understanding the Value of a Single Digital Platform for All Your OTR Shipping Modes

A multi-mode technology solution can help Shippers and 3PLs drive down freight spend by shedding light on rate, carrier, and mode options all in one digital freight management solution. Doing so reduces shipping costs and eliminates the need to outsource to multiple technology providers.

Shifting to a singular multi-mode solution helps drive and leverage volume discounts and identify shipping options across multiple modes making carriers more likely to offer more competitive rates and offer priority scheduling.

In addition to cost savings, an over-the-road (OTR) multi-mode technology solution can help you save time in your operations by increasing efficiencies with a single solution, including:

Load Consolidation

Utilizing a single digital solution for all of your OTR modes makes freight consolidation easier, specifically for moving freight between modes properly and avoiding losses.

Business Intelligence

A single technology provider will capture data for all of your shipments creating enhanced visibility and a single source of truth to help you make better business decisions.


Build better relationships with your carriers in all modes by increasing the flow of data and creating more transparency in the supply chain.

Real-Time Connectivity

Streamline your shipping operations by taking advantage of real-time rating and scheduling for all modes in one platform.


Compare and choose the modes that will work best for you and your shipments all in one system.


Strengthen your OTR shipping processes and gain visibility with real-time shipment status updates to help identify shipment delays.

Did You Know?

Banyan’s Business Intelligence Tools and comprehensive Visibility Suite uses the carrier and freight bill data captured in LIVE Connect™ to help you identify and respond to carrier performance and cost issues. This suite of dashboards gives you the enhanced visibility into your shipments and eliminates hours spent weekly pulling reports and running complex spreadsheet formulas.

It also helps you identify carrier performance issues that you can take to the negotiating table, allow you to compare carrier performance with carrier costs to evaluate carriers and adjust future spend, and export your findings to PDF or PowerPoint to present to stakeholders and carriers.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how you can benefit from our LIVE Connect digital solution for all of your OTR shipping modes.

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