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The ever-changing landscape of the transportation industry continues to force shippers and 3PLs alike to, once again, evaluate their processes, efficiencies, and business objectives for the coming year. With little to no relief in sight to help manage the growing supply chain challenges, it’s critical now more than ever to look to technology solutions to help streamline efficiencies and manage costs to combat the most basic of industry challenges… labor shortages and rising costs.

Some organizations are reluctant to make changes involving new technology because they’re focusing on cost, rather than value. Others choose to implement technology from a partner who remains stagnant and never enhances or updates the software. Technology is only beneficial if it does what you need it to do, and it can only do that if it’s continuously evolving and adapting.

From dynamic pricing, tracking capabilities, and data analysis to streamlining and integrating new features, it’s critical to have a trusted partner who can not only navigate your unique needs, but one who can also help you tackle unforeseen industry-wide problems through innovation.

If you’ve already adopted a technology solution to help manage your freight, pause for a minute, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • When was the last time you saw a new product announcement from your current technology provider?
  • Were you provided with the necessary training to adopt and implement the new product/feature?
  • Do you have a dedicated point of contact to help you navigate the system and respond to your growing business needs?
  • When you need service/support, how long does it take you to get it?
  • Do you feel your technology partner values you as a customer?

If you haven’t yet adopted a technology solution to help manage your freight, the big question is:

  • Have you ever stopped to quantify the amount of money you’re losing in dated, manual processes that monopolize your human resources, preventing them from doing more valuable work that helps grow your bottom line…like closing new business?

Did You Know?

As the top-performing freight pricing platform, Banyan Technology is continuously evolving our technology to fit clients’ needs. We recently released two new products to our LIVE Connect™ platform along with four additional feature enhancements and have an ongoing list of 2022 product releases ahead of us.

Working directly with our clients, we continuously look for opportunities to enhance and advance our technology platform to continue to help save Shippers and 3PLs time and money by creating efficiencies in their shipping operations.

As the industry continues to change and clients’ needs change with it, Banyan is committed to providing the latest technology and product enhancements to fulfill those needs. Look for more information on upcoming product releases and other great news from Banyan!

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn more about how Banyan’s patented LIVE Connect™ platform can help you reach full freight digitization.

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