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Technology and automation have helped make significant advancements in the supply chain and shipping industry. However, shippers and 3PLs need to understand that a human touch remains a critical element in keeping a supply chain functioning properly. The two must work together in a hybrid approach.

The human element is needed in carrier communications and building sustainable customer relationships while technology provides enhanced visibility and automation, which can equal significant cost savings. Implementing an innovative technology solution can free up your human resources to tackle the tasks technology cannot manage -- reviewing data, interpreting data, setting up future goals and strategies, and building relationships with carriers and customers.

Communication and relationship-building are critical components of a supply chain that cannot be 100% managed with technology. Business is all about relationships, and nothing can replace the human touch. Good customer service relies on sincere interactions with your clients that include emotional connections in some instances. Just as important, building a solid connection with your carriers will result in trust and the potential of being shielded against price hikes or delays in your shipments.

A hybrid approach to your shipping operations is necessary in finding a balance between tasks handled through a technology solution and those customer and carrier relationships managed by a human. With today’s supply chain environment of tightened capacity and increased shipping demand those relationships will prove to be more valuable than ever.

Did You Know?

Banyan Technology’s LIVE Connect™ platform gives you the perfect opportunity to implement a hybrid approach to your shipping operations. With more carrier connections than any other platform, our system automates the appropriate tasks so your team can focus on things like customer and carrier relationships and exception management.

Banyan also recognizes that relationships are important in our own business and take a client-centric approach to our operations. We have a team of dedicated Business Development representatives who manage our client relationships, in addition to a Client Services team that’s available to help with day-to-day troubleshooting and system management.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn more about how to implement a hybrid approach to your shipping operations using Banyan’s patented LIVE Connect™ platform.

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