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Research-consulting firm Mastio & Company gathers feedback from Shippers to ensure that they get the best experience with their over-the-road shipping carriers. The data collected helps carriers improve their services to provide a better end-customer experience and a more loyal customer base.

In Episode 6 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Kevin Huntsman, President of Mastio, explains how Shippers can create a better carrier experience using data and technology.

“The shift for carriers is the migration to technology,” he said. “If you think about carriers 15-18 years ago, it's all by the gut. There was no technology. So, what they've done is they have leveraged this technology and utilized it in their business. And that's where companies like Banyan have been very successful in offering an incredible service to the industry.”

Shipper's Perspective

Huntsman explains that while Shippers have embraced the digital aspect of shipping, Mastio’s surveys have shown they still value the human component as well – ranking even higher than rates.

“What it goes down to is if my rate and your rate are the same, what's the differentiator,” he said. “Who am I going to do business with? The person that's easy to do business with that offers a good customer experience.”

Mastio’s survey also showed that in 2021 versus 2020, there was a very significant decline in the perception of the carriers.

“We measure about 30 different attributes in the industry and on average, every one of those attributes declined in 2021,” Huntsman said. “It's really accurate because it was how the shippers perceived that relationship with the carrier and their pain points.”

At the end of 2022, only 20% of the attributes declined.

What Can Carriers Do?

With pricing being on the low end, carriers need to embrace technology and build relationships with Shippers to get a better gauge on what they need.

“It's not just listen in, look at our data, but talk to their customers, talk to their reps, what are the challenges that they're seeing when they're out there meeting with customers,” Huntsman said. “And, as a carrier, have the technology that makes it easier for you to do business with them.”

Carriers can start to build better relationships with Shippers by correcting the smaller issues first.

“Pick the low hanging fruit first. What's fast and easy to fix,” Huntsman said. “Then after that, how do you integrate these different types of things in your organization?”

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