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The unpredictability of the supply chain over the past few years has made technology a critical component in shipping operations. Some Shippers and 3PLs were quick to employ multiple solutions to adapt to changes and manage their freight. However, some of those solutions didn’t integrate with each other or failed to deliver the functionality needed to maintain efficient shipping operations.

As the economy tightens, these companies are looking to scale their technology to ensure they’re operating more efficiently. With so many options creating noise in the market, Shippers and 3PLs need the following features and functionality from their digital transportation management solution.

Carrier Connections

Implementing technology with more carrier connections for all over-the-road (OTR) modes gives Shippers and 3PLs more options for their freight and can help determine the best mode for each shipment. Get the capacity needed to efficiently ship OTR freight in the most cost-effective mode with a technology solution that delivers real-time connections to the most carriers.

Visibility Beyond Tracking

Visibility and access to data are critical for monitoring shipments and evaluating your shipping operations. The data captured by those companies utilizing a digital solution when they rate and schedule their freight gives them a heightened view into their shipping so they can analyze processes, shipping costs and overall freight management.

Real visibility combines analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help Shippers and 3PLs make better business decisions.

End-to-End Capabilities

An end-to-end technology solution can help Shippers and 3PLs drive down freight spend by shedding light on rate, carrier, and mode options all in one digital transportation management solution. Doing so reduces shipping costs and eliminates the need to outsource to multiple technology providers.

Shifting to a singular multi-mode solution helps drive and leverage volume discounts and identify shipping options across multiple modes making carriers more likely to offer more competitive rates and priority scheduling. In addition to cost savings, an OTR multi-mode technology solution can help you save time in your operations by increasing efficiencies with a single solution.

Customer Service

Shippers and 3PLs in the OTR shipping space need a digital partner that provides a personalized approach to business – one that is committed to maintaining a solid relationship and enhancing customer satisfaction. Why does this matter? It helps as the industry continues to evolve and shipping needs change, giving Shippers and 3PLs the ability to get immediate service or support when their needs shift. It also creates opportunities for collaboration on new features or products in the technology provider’s system that can help solve unique issues for the client.

A personalized approach to customer service with dedicated account managers provides Shippers and 3PLs an opportunity to evaluate their efficiency through a custom analysis to assess and respond to their needs as the shipping environment evolves.

Banyan Technology Gives You What You Need

Banyan Technology gives you what you need and even more to enhance your OTR shipping operations. Our patented LIVE Connect™ platform delivers 3x more carrier connections than any other solution, providing you with:

  • Real-time intel, actionable insights, and instant access to information.
  • The ability to rate, compare, and execute shipments for all OTR modes (LTL, Truckload, Local Carrier, and Parcel) from a single screen.
  • Multiple channels to connect you to our Team, including dedicated account managers and representatives consistently available to answer your calls and emails.

We also provide tools to automate validation of your freight bills, gain more control over your inbound and outbound shipments, a proven process for quick and easy onboarding, plus much more.

Contact Banyan Technology today to get what you need and even more to enhance your OTR shipping operations.

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