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The top tier of shippers, 3PLs and carriers that move about 95% of LTL freight have advanced technology solutions that include automation and information-sharing capabilities. These leading companies have a competitive advantage and can share data easily, whereas smaller companies with limited technology capabilities have more difficulty with end-to-end automation.

Automation Keeps the Data Flowing

Unless all parties are equipped with automation capabilities, there will always be a weak link in the supply chain. That weakness can halt the flow of data sharing, causing a breakdown in communication among shippers, 3PLs and carriers. The adoption of an innovative, flexible, automated technology solution is the answer to ensuring end-to-end freight digitization.

Freight digitization is focused on transforming static information into real-time, usable data sources -- using electronic bills of lading, proof of delivery, and digital rating and routing information instead of paper or batched EDI processes. It requires automated, live connections that allow the software to talk to each other and share data in real-time.

Easily integrated freight technology solutions that allow for real-time accessibility for shippers, 3PLs, carriers and their partners are key in the current state of the supply chain. Allowing your customer or vendor access to the technology also helps interconnect them to the flow of data, helping to improve visibility and efficiency on your end.

Additionally, customer service from your technology provider is key, especially for smaller shippers, 3PLs and carriers. Ensure yours is equipped to provide real-time support and offers flexibility to cater to your ongoing needs. Ease of use also is critical to ensuring smaller companies have the capabilities to adopt and maintain a digital connection. Flexibility and agility are additional technology provider attributes that will help connect all companies and attain end-to-end freight digitization.

The only way to successfully manage shipping within the supply chain and mitigate potential kinks and disruptions is with automated freight digitization. You have better information that is automatically shared with your partners and vendors. Shippers, 3PLs and carriers of all sizes must be digitally connected to achieve end-to-end freight digitization and maintain full transparency through the flow of information. When everyone is connected digitally, your bottom line is positively impacted through visibility, operational efficiencies, and real savings on your freight spend.

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