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Due to fluctuating shipping costs and the uncertainty of the freight trajectory, Shippers and 3PLs need a reliable technology solution with access to the best shipping rates for all over-the-road (OTR) modes to make the right shipping decision for every load. Finding the right partnerships to increase options will help save time and money while attracting new business.

How OTR Multi-Mode Management Addresses Your Shipping Needs in 2023

A digital multi-mode shipping solution can address the needs of Shippers and 3PLs to ensure they have more OTR shipping options to help save time and money while attracting new business as the supply chain levels off.

What Shippers Need in 2023

Shippers are seeking more options for their OTR shipments to save money and increase operational efficiencies. However, many have implemented multiple systems that don’t integrate with each other and cause inefficiencies in shipping operations – having to toggle between systems for critical information and shipment deployment.

Many Shippers will be looking to consolidate their tech stack and streamline their systems to reduce costs and create efficiencies. This includes identifying freight management software that integrates with outside solutions so users don’t have to leave the system during their day-to-day activities.

What 3PLs Need in 2023

3PLs are looking for growth opportunities coming off record-highs driven by previous supply chain constraints. There were a lot of great options over the past few years, but a lot of those opportunities have been diminished as the supply chain has started to settle.

In 2023, there will be an increase in 3PLs seeking transportation management solutions that are looking to partner in a consultative manner to help them grow and streamline their businesses.

Banyan Technology's Multi-Mode Management Solution

Banyan Technology’s OTR shipping software delivers real-time intel, actionable insights, and instant access to information to help drive greater operational efficiencies and cost savings for Shippers, 3PLs, and supply chain partners. Our LIVE Connect™ platform provides innovative solutions from a single screen for Truckload (TL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Local Carrier, and Parcel shipping.

We have expanded our multi-mode management capabilities to give clients the ability to evaluate all OTR modes from a single screen to ensure they are choosing the best options for every shipment.

Our extensive network of carriers and the data aggregated daily means clients are better positioned with more OTR shipping intel and visibility into available rates and schedules, which has allowed them to consistently experience increased efficiency, business growth and more than 12% savings on LTL shipping and 5% on Truckload.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn why our multi-mode management platform is the only solution you need for over-the-road shipping.

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