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Shippers and 3PLs know the advantages of using less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping – cost effectiveness, more delivery options, the ability to ship smaller loads without needing to fill an entire truckload, etc. However, when carrier capacity tightens, quicker shipping options are in higher demand, or the supply chain experiences disruptions, it can be difficult to get the LTL pickups and deliveries you need when you need them. To ensure your LTL shipments are getting to their final destinations without delays or breaking your budget, you have another option – LTL load consolidation.

Quicker Shipping Without Breaking Your Budget

Typically, shippers and 3PLs either rely on traditional LTL shipping methods or delay their smaller shipments until they can fill a full truckload, but today’s customers are used to getting shipments faster than ever before. The demand for LTL consolidation has increased as shippers and their 3PL partners need to ship orders more frequently while keeping costs low. It is a cost-efficient and timely way to transport your freight, providing an affordable alternative to traditional LTL shipping services.

With LTL load consolidation, you combine your shipments onto one truck with others moving in the same direction or to the same areas. Additionally, if you store freight in a warehouse, you can consolidate with other shippers whose freight is on the same path.

Consolidating your LTL shipments helps to reduce your freight spend by splitting the cost of the load either with your other shipments or with freight from another shipper. There also are fewer transfers and touchpoints when using load consolidation, allowing your shipments to reach their destinations faster. Those who have an innovative and adaptable technology provider can automate the process without losing visibility and reporting capabilities, creating even more efficiency in your shipping operations.

Did You Know?

Banyan Technology is more than just a less-than-truckload freight pricing provider. We also have innovative solutions that can connect you to the largest list of carriers in truckload, final mile, and parcel, as well. Find out more about Banyan’s new product release for Load Consolidation that will give you the ability to combine your LTL shipments and help control your freight costs!

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn more about how Banyan’s dynamic LIVE Connect™ platform can help you consolidate your LTL shipments.

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