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Expectations for fast, flexible, and reliable shipments are higher than ever and will continue to grow over the next few years. To satisfy growing demand and help streamline the movement of freight, Shippers and 3PLs have turned to technology to provide better visibility and management of their over-the-road (OTR) shipments.

Not all digital solutions are the same. Shippers and 3PLs should explore their options and take the time to research a provider that works best for their needs to experience the full benefits of their digital freight solution.

A technology provider that provides great customer service and communicates often and effectively when Shippers and 3PLs need more personalized attention can be a valuable asset in challenging times. One that delivers responsive, efficient client-based services and support can also make a significant impact on the day-to-day success of an organization.

Being able to identify and address issues before they become problems can change the game for many small to medium Shippers and 3PLs.

Consistent Innovation and Collaboration Leads to Success

While technology has helped Shippers and 3PLs automate their shipping with automated and efficient processes, it is important that technology providers continue to deliver the personalized customer service needed, particularly with the current unpredictability of the supply chain. Any provider that is unwilling to communicate regularly or cycles their clients through automated phone systems can create a lag in service for Shippers and 3PLs in the current shipping climate.

A valuable technology provider has adopted a client-centric approach, collaborates with clients, responds to feedback and leads with a client-first approach to product development, service and support. Collaboration with clients is a critical component to a client-focused approach to customer service. Leveraging client feedback helps the technology provider enhance their platform and improve its functionality so that daily use is simplified and streamlined to ensure clients can utilize the system to its full potential.

The Banyan Difference

Banyan Technology’s proven success as the leading over-the-road (OTR) technology platform with 3x more carrier connections than any other provider and real-time access to shipment execution comes with a commitment to excellent customer service and unparalleled support. We are consistently innovating and collaborating with clients to get the feedback we need to cater to all of their OTR shipping needs.

Banyan has engaged clients through its Client Advisory Council (CAC), which served as the catalyst for the upcoming inaugural LIVE Connect™ Users Conference. The event will bring together Banyan clients and partners to share insight into best practices for the newest products and features of the platform.

Banyan also has dedicated Account Managers who know their clients’ businesses, understand their needs and can explain how the system can address them could make the difference in a profitable bottom line.

We stand by the claims we make regarding our customer service and support. To back up the benefits of utilizing our LIVE Connect platform, we offer all clients the following guarantee:

“During the first year of our partnership, our clients will enjoy savings in excess of our monthly recurring charges if they fully utilize our platform as intended. If they do not, then they can opt out of our agreement after the first year.”

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how you can take advantage of carrier connectivity and guaranteed savings from the leading modern technology solution for managing freight.

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