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As inflation hits industries across the country, the supply chain continues to see rising costs impact shipping due to current economic conditions. Fuel prices remain elevated and carrier rates continue to rise. According to CNBC, the supply chain is improving and past the worst, but rates will remain well above pre-pandemic levels for the rest of 2022.

Heading into what is typically known as “peak” shipping season, 3PLs and Shippers are seeking ways to counter the rising carrier rates and fuel surcharges. They are finding the best way to do so is to implement or switch to an innovative technology solution that allows them to rate and execute shipments from a single screen.

Evaluate, Rate and Execute All OTR Modes from a Single Screen

A multi-mode technology solution can help Shippers and 3PLs drive down freight spend by shedding light on rate, carrier, and mode options all on one screen in your digital freight management solution. Doing so reduces shipping costs and eliminates the need to outsource to multiple technology providers. A single, dynamic technology solution that responds to your evolving OTR needs can offer:

  • Expanded Service Offerings: LTL, Truckload, Local Carrier and Parcel Shipping services managed and executed in one digital platform.
  • More Carrier Connections: Access to more Carrier connections for all OTR modes to help you determine what’s best for your shipments in real time.
  • Single Source of Truth: All of your OTR shipping data in one location to better manage your freight spend.
  • Access to Business Intelligence: Enhanced reporting and actionable insight to help you make better business decisions.
  • Added Efficiencies: Evaluate, rate, and execute all OTR shipping modes from a single screen.

The Banyan Difference

Banyan Technology’s proven success as the leading LTL technology platform with 3x more carrier connections than any other provider, and real-time access to shipment execution have been expanded to encompass all OTR shipping modes from one screen.

To back up the cost savings and benefits of utilizing our LIVE Connect platform, we offer all clients the following guarantee:

“During the first year of our partnership, our clients will enjoy savings in excess of our monthly recurring charges if they fully utilize our platform as intended. If they do not, then they can opt out of our agreement after the first year.”

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how you can take advantage of multi-mode, OTR shipping evaluation, rating and execution from a single screen, in addition to guaranteed savings from the leading modern technology solution for managing freight.

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