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Historically, some over-the-road (OTR) shipping modes have been slow to adopt API connectivity as a way Shippers and 3PLs can book freight. However, the events of the past few years have forced many businesses to embrace technology and, in some cases, even accelerate the adoption of technology in the OTR shipping space.

Accelerating the Adoption of Technology as the Tool of Today's Freight Standard

Episode 4 of Banyan Technology’s Tire Tracks™ podcast features Max Leach from Trucker Tools, a leading technology provider in trucking and logistics. He discusses the need to adopt technology as the tool of today’s standard to successfully track OTR shipments.

“We've seen an uptick in digitally booked transactions, particularly through the Book-It-Now medium,” said Leach, Director of Partnerships at Trucker Tools. “Carriers like the ability to be able to go to a broker they've worked with before. They like seeing an appealing rate on a load that fits within market norms, be able to click on that load, book it right then and there, get assigned to the load, and then receive their rate details shortly after.”

Leach also explained how Trucker Tools’ partnership with Banyan Technology has led to enhanced services through automation.

“Trucker Tools has a unique space in the market where we facilitate connections for brokers to be able to handle their spot freight needs, and track that freight in real time,” said Leach. “We feature an integration through Banyan that allows us to achieve both without the dispatchers having to leave their TMS workspace.” 

The partnership includes a full-stack integration between Banyan’s LIVE Connect™ platform and the Trucker Tools software via API connection to give Banyan’s clients the ability to post loads for and accept bids from carriers in Trucker Tools’ nearly 2.5 million drivers and 250,000 carriers. The powerful integration also gives clients access to important shipment details, tracking updates and uploaded documents.

As the industry continues to evolve, it will become more and more common for companies to create partnerships that can be leveraged to create competitive advantages where technological developments exist. Banyan and Truckers Tools share a mission to help Shippers and 3PLs leverage real-time data to make better business decisions while building lasting, productive relationships with independent owner-operators and carriers of all sizes.

The partnership with Trucker Tools allows Banyan to offer a complete solution that makes it easy to rate and book Truckload shipments via access to the public Spot Market as well as direct carrier APIs and automated management of contracted rates through LIVE Connect.

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