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The definition of supply chain connectivity has adapted and evolved to coincide with the new digital age. Today, our industry understands that the effort one puts into connecting their logistics network will have a direct impact on profitability. Indeed, the “new normal” is here to stay, and as a result, creating collaborative, empowered environments for LTL freight shippers is of the utmost importance.

Advanced Speed and Accuracy

As a shipper, you must increasingly rely on the way freight information flows across your network. Legacy systems are too slow to keep pace during these challenging times forcing shippers to seek more efficient, transparent, and sustainable business processes. Freight management application programming interfaces (APIs), like Banyan’s LIVE Connect, provide shippers with the unique ability to connect to the entire supply chain.

The carrier pricing API offers software as a service (SaaS) to shippers resulting in a quicker and more accurate freight information flow. Through the implementation of freight pricing APIs, shippers can access dynamic pricing information, real-time data, and freight negotiations allowing them to simplify and accelerate their entire shipment process.

Maximized Carrier Relationships

Banyan’s API-powered software is embraced by LTL freight shippers that are looking to yield significant savings and maximize carrier relationships. API technology integrates directly into an existing TMS (Transportation Management Systems) or ERP and quickly enables shippers to achieve operational agility and flexibility. Digitizing the shipping process via API technology makes it possible for shippers to purchase freight at competitive prices while carriers win the additional freight they need.

Live shipper connectivity is something the logistics industry can no longer ignore. Seamless automated processes and in-the-moment lane rate reductions help shippers negotiate and retain existing relationships - while performance data and freight negotiations aid shippers in building new relationships. For shippers, ultimate supply chain connectivity will only grow more imperative for healthy growth and successful savings.

Shippers Save Big

If shippers have access to clear, comprehensive data it helps them accurately understand their benchmarks and risks. A common misconception is that data integration platforms are expensive and time-consuming. When, in actuality, outdated technology and lack of data creates discrepancies and errors that are extremely costly.

Utilizing data integration technology, like a supply chain API, allows shippers to have in-the-moment connectivity to carriers where they can negotiate rates and centralize shipments. Banyan has worked with many shippers who were originally wary about investing in a data integration platform; however, after the first year, shippers agreed that the cost of the platform was truly nominal compared to the savings they experienced. It IS the digital age, and data integration technology is the future. Shippers that fail to obtain actionable, real-time data will struggle to experience real and financial growth.

Data-informed Decision-making

Through shipping and logistics management software, LTL freight shippers can access real-time data to make informed, meaningful decisions that build business value and realize immediate cost savings. We had the opportunity to integrate our API solution into Star Pipe’s existing TMS to standardize carrier operations and automate freight purchasing. Thanks to centralized data and automated processes, Star Pipe’s LTL freight API paid for itself many times over. The visibility, savings, and connectivity they experienced were a result of trusting in high-quality logistics technology.

API technology, a powerful & robust tool, allows all logistics parties to have more real-time data to guide decision-making. You can talk with Banyan Technology today to learn how your business can revolutionize its shipping process while gaining unparalleled connectivity.

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