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A Conversation with Banyan Technology’s Lynn Caldwell and Tech Transport’s Bob Freed

Bob Freed and Tech Transport, a freight management company that simplifies its customers’ shipping functions, always aim to meet and exceed their customers’ needs. However, they realized that in order to continue to provide the best service to their customers, Tech Transport would need help on the technology side of the industry.

“We work for our customers ... and we do whatever we can to help simplify their shipping needs,” said Bob Freed, executive vice president of Tech Transport. “To do that, we need the people and the technology. Banyan Technology was the solution.”

Tech Transport has a brokerage and logistics division of their company, and both sides were running into issues with having accurate and real-time data to improve their customers’ shipping functions. Tech Transport was trying on their own to implement all of the APIs of their customers’ carriers into their proprietary transportation management system. The company’s IT team soon realized it was a time-consuming and challenging process to do all of that and to keep them up-to-date and accurate at all times. That is why they decided it was time to turn to the experts and use a freight-pricing API software as a service company.

Tech Transport chose Banyan Technology’s LIVE Connect as their API solution after a visit from the Banyan team.

With LIVE Connect, Tech Transport was able to access all of the necessary APIs to make their customers happy. In addition to having access to up-to-date and accurate ratings through Banyan’s API, Tech Transport could also automate the shipping process and track all shipments. It also made invoicing and document retrieval much easier. The implementation resulted in Tech Transport increasing their profit margins and passing those savings on to customers. 

In this recent webinar, Bob Freed and Banyan Technology Chief Sales Officer Lynn Caldwell talked even more in-depth about the challenges that Tech Transport faced, including access to up-to-date carrier APIs and pricing, technology maintenance and management and automating shipping processes, and how implementing freight pricing APIs helped them grow their business.  

Download the recording to get Tech Transport’s full story.

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