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Businesses rely heavily on technology to automate operations, especially in an industry as dynamic as over-the-road (OTR) shipping where system needs, rates and carrier availability change daily. Often that automation carries over into customer service processes, which is helpful for simple FAQs or other questions that can be easily answered online through a chatbot. However, for more complex issues or questions, Shippers and 3PLs need a reliable partner that provides individualized service to cater to their unique needs.

Personalized Service Makes a Difference in Digital Freight Management

Shippers and 3PLs in the OTR shipping space need a digital partner that provides a personalized approach to business – one that is committed to maintaining a solid relationship and enhancing customer satisfaction. Why does this matter? It helps as the industry continues to evolve and shipping needs change, giving Shippers and 3PLs the ability to get immediate service or support when their needs shift. It also creates opportunities for collaboration on new features or products in the technology provider’s system that can help solve unique issues for the client.

A personalized approach to customer service with dedicated account managers provides Shippers and 3PLs an opportunity to evaluate their efficiency through a custom analysis to assess and respond to their needs as the shipping environment evolves. There are several best practices a technology provider will employ that proves they are truly client focused. Let’s explore the value of personalized service and support in freight management:

  • Dedicated Account Managers: Communication and relationship-building are critical components of the supply chain that cannot be 100% managed with technology. Great customer service relies on sincere interactions that include emotional connections and a commitment to ongoing business evaluations to address your growing and changing business needs. A digital provider that has dedicated team members who know their clients’ businesses, understand their needs and can explain how the system can address them could make the difference in a profitable bottom line.
  • Client Success Representatives: The ability to reach someone by phone has almost become obsolete. Find a technology partner who has multiple channels to connecting with them, including representatives who are consistently available to answer your calls and emails for personalized support when you need it, not when they become available.
  • Regular Communication: Too many emails can be a nuisance, however silence from a technology partner can be unnerving. A partner dedicated to customer service will frequently update clients on company news, product enhancements and inform them of important industry information. This can be distributed in many ways, including emails, monthly webinars, events, newsletters or other ways to share best practices for responding to industry changes and fluctuations. Communication is key to understanding one another and identifying the solutions that maximize the client’s business opportunities.
  • Client-Centric Approach: An effective digital freight management platform will develop a strategy for ensuring they are meeting their clients’ needs. A client-centric approach to product development and the identification of new product features and functionality is imperative to helping Shippers and 3PLs effectively manage day-to-day operations in addition to unforeseen shipping disruptions. A good digital partner will ask for feedback from clients regularly and use that information to make enhancements to the system.
  • Guaranteed Service: A client-focused company isn’t afraid to stand by the claims they make regarding their customer service and support. Some offer guarantees that if part of their agreement isn’t met or the client hasn’t experienced significant savings, that they can end the agreement. This is a true sign that the partner has faith in what they are doing and enough success to prove it.

Banyan Technology's Commitment to Service and Support

For Banyan Technology, customer service is the cornerstone of our business, and we stand firm in our commitment to providing unparalleled, personalized support. To back up the cost savings and benefits of utilizing Banyan’s LIVE Connect™ platform, we offer all clients the following guarantee:

“During the first year of our partnership, our clients will enjoy savings in excess of our monthly recurring charges if they fully utilize our platform as intended. If they do not, then they can opt out of our agreement after the first year.”

Contact Banyan Technology to learn more about how our commitment to service and support fuels our drive to respond to your evolving needs.

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