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With great challenges comes the opportunity for change and growth. It forces you to think outside the box and deploy new tactics to overcome disruptions. With no end in sight for the current challenges in the supply chain, you may want to take another look at implementing a technology solution that will help you conquer those issues. Technology can enhance your visibility and efficiency while helping to control your freight costs to more effectively manage your shipping needs.

Visibility and Efficiency

To prepare for supply chain disruptions, you must rely heavily on technology for increased operational efficiency, enhanced visibility, automation capabilities, and real-time notifications. These capabilities will give you a competitive edge over those shippers or 3PLs that have not deployed an innovative technology solution. Analyzing your shipping data also will help you forecast the likelihood of possible capacity constraints and interruptions by providing you with the information you need in real time to help you make better operational decisions.

Controlling Costs

Technology can also help you find new opportunities to control freight costs during uncertain times. Knowing what capacity is available and retrieving competitive carrier rates in real-time is a game changer in keeping shipping costs down. The adoption of a technology platform with integrated API connectivity can help you identify capacity and choose a carrier that will move your shipment on your schedule and within your budget. Having more carrier options through your freight pricing technology provider will help minimize the struggle.

Shippers and 3PLs that are digitally savvy and have embraced technology solutions fare much better during disruptions within the supply chain than those who rely on manual operations. As labor remains tight and the need for speed and accuracy increases, an innovative technology solution is the answer.

Did You Know?

As the top-performing freight pricing platform, Banyan Technology is continuously evolving our technology to fit our clients’ needs. We recently added the QuickShip™ feature to our LIVE Connect™ platform that will positively impact your bottom line. This new tool was designed as another way to save Shippers and 3PLs time and money by creating efficiencies in your shipping operations.

QuickShip™ streamlines data entry in as few as five points expediting the process you utilize to drive a rate and book a transaction. This new tool also gives Shippers and 3PLs the ability to set inbound and outbound shipping rates through your own contracted carriers -- resulting in significant cost savings. Clients who worked with Banyan during the beta testing of this product experienced a savings of greater than 10% using this tool.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn more about how Banyan’s LIVE Connect™ platform can help you navigate uncertain times.

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