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Expectations for added efficiencies in First/Final Mile shipping are increasing for B2B customers. According to a report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 55% of the companies that were surveyed said they would switch to a competing brand if it offered more efficient delivery services. However, successfully fulfilling the demand for faster shipping in First/Final Mile is complicated and requires an automated solution.

Increased Expectations in First/Final Mile Shipping

First/Final Mile shipping can be complex. Shippers and 3PLs on the B2B side handle larger shipments that some technology solutions cannot manage, and challenges and inefficiencies can become costly. It is important for you to partner with a technology provider that understands the complexities in First/Final Mile and adapts to the fluctuations in that shipping mode. This agility helps you create greater efficiencies in your organization and gives you the ability to easily adjust when issues arise.

Frequent changes in First/Final Mile shipping can impact your profitability with unscheduled and unaccounted for deviations in rates, routes, or carrier availability. An automated technology solution will help you navigate those changes and protect your profitability by offering real-time pricing, data, and analytics to help you adjust to changes in the First/Final Mile environment.

Technology Solutions Promote Efficiency

Automated technology can help you respond quickly to issues and satisfy increased B2B customer demands in First/Final Mile. Technology also enables the automation of manual processes within your shipping operations. For tasks such as requesting rates or tracking shipments, automated technology can create operational efficiencies and eliminate manual methods that may lead to human error. The availability of data and increased visibility can also help you make more informed business decisions based on real-time information, ensuring your first/final mile shipping operations run smoothly.

A digital solution gives you immediate access to shipment data that is critical to ensuring your shipments are accurate and on time. B2B Shippers and 3PLs gain a competitive advantage with real-time data that helps identify flaws in your First/Final Mile shipping operations and analyzes outside factors that may impact your efficiency.

Don’t lose your B2B First/Final Mile shipping customers to the competition with the wrong solution for meeting increased demands in service and faster delivery times. Improve your efficiency to ensure your customers are satisfied and protect your bottom line by relying on an automated technology solution. Doing so will give you the ability to easily fill the increased demand, and help you retain your valued customers.

Our Guarantee

To back up the cost savings and benefits of utilizing Banyan’s LIVE Connect™ platform, we offer all clients the following guarantee:

“During the first year of our partnership, our clients will enjoy savings in excess of our monthly recurring charges if they fully utilize our platform as intended. If they do not, then they can opt out of our agreement after the first year.”

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn how you can benefit from the leading modern technology solution for managing First/Final Mile shipping in today's evolving supply chain.

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