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When it comes to investing in technology, it is easy to “set it and forget it”. Often companies make that mistake to minimize their spend by investing in a one-time solution, but at what long-term costs? You may be missing out on increasing your operational efficiencies or maximizing your profits when you fail to partner with a technology company that is continuously innovating and enhancing its products. As discussed in one of our most-recent guides, it is critical for Shippers and 3PLs to partner with a tech company that offers a flexible and inventive API solution, especially during such an unstable time in the supply chain.

Navigating the Current Shipping Environment

Disruptions in the supply chain are rapidly increasing. Carrier capacity issues, labor shortages, and embargoes seem daunting as we enter peak season and into the New Year. 3PLs and Shippers are scrambling to find carriers to handle various types of volume in the less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), and final mile shipment modes. It is important to leverage technology, specifically real-time API solutions to manage the current challenges in the supply chain and identify where carriers have capacity to generate significant savings. A technology partner that is constantly innovating to evolve with the industry is a critical resource during this challenging time.

The key to success in the current shipping environment is to find an innovative technology company that offers a collaborative approach and can handle all of your shipping needs, including multiple volume modes -- LTL, TL, and final mile/parcel. An effective supply chain technology partner is equipped to create affordable, customized, and easy-to-implement solutions that address any gaps in your processes and help your business grow.

Banyan's Innovative Tech Enhancements

Banyan Technology is a great example of an innovative company offering an updated API solution in the OTR transportation and freight management industry. We recently launched two new features in our LIVE Connect™ platform -- QuickShip™ and the Load Import Tool™. They were designed to save Shippers and 3PLs time and money by creating efficiencies in your shipping operations.

QuickShip™ streamlines data entry in as few as 5 points expediting the process you utilize to drive a rate and book a transaction. This new tool also gives Shippers and 3PLs the ability to set your inbound and outbound shipping rates through your own contracted carriers -- resulting in significant cost savings. Clients who worked with Banyan during the beta testing of this product experienced a savings of greater than 10% using this tool.

The Load Import Tool™ (LIT) gives Shippers and 3PLs the ability to upload individual or large load batches directly into Banyan’s patented LIVE Connect™ system utilizing a proprietary client-facing tool that provides easy import and status control.

Through client collaboration, Banyan has created these resources to help Shippers and 3PLs better manage the ever-changing freight procurement landscape and put them in a better position to manage rising freight costs.

Next in our aggressive new product pipeline are features that will address multimode capabilities on one screen and push out real-time tracking updates for all of your freight. Look for the latest updates on Banyan’s innovative product launches.

Contact Banyan Technology today to learn more about our innovative and flexible LTL freight pricing API technology.

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